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Cruising Log Book

Free Coastal and Offshore Cruising Logbook!

A good cruising logbook though should be more than just list of times and positions. It should be an easy to use and read aid to passage planning, passage making, weather prediction and a reservoir of useful information about your vessel. You should be able to consider it a companion on any voyage rather than a chore.

Since I started working professionally as skipper, keeping an accurate log is no longer just a matter of  good practice but a professional and legal necessity. As well as being a navigational aid it can potentially play an important role in recording the facts and events surrounding an accident or other incident on the water. A well maintained written record will enable you to provide a credible account of events to the authorities or to insurance companies.

I originally designed and had printed the Blueseas Coastal and Offshore Cruising Log Book to suit my own requirements as a master of a vessel. It is now used as a log book template by several sail training centers and growing number of skippers.

So if like me you are tired of ruling ledgers or copy books to make a log book and you have not found a commercial log book to suit your needs, just read through the three very reasonable and short conditions and try out mine.


Printing-The paper size is (ISO) B4 so it may not be suitable for all A4 page size printers and although it can be easily scaled to A4 size, to get the best quality you may have to source some B4 size paper from your local office supplies.

Binding- I recommend a wire or a spiral bind so that the pages can be easily folded behind the book. Binding from the top or the left side is a matter of preference and works equally well.

Safe voyages! Ivan Alcorn










  • Weather forecast recording
  • Radio log
  • Uk and Ireland sailing area detail
  • Cruising log
  • SOLAS Compliant (Reg. 34)
  • Compass deviation table
  • Inventory and diagrams for Yachts, Catamarans, and Motor Vessels.
  • Lights,sounds,beaufort and barometric pressure reference's







  • By choosing to download the Coastal and Offshore Logbook you are agreeing to to abide by the following conditions.
  • This Coastal and Offshore Logbook nor any part of it, may not be reproduced for commercial gain without the express permission in writing of its authors.
  • This Coastal and Offshore Logbook nor any part of it, may not be redistributed or re-hosted in any fashion without the express permission in writing of its authors.


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Coastal and offshore cruising the log book.pdf download - 5.9Mb



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