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Urgent Vessel Delivery

Blueseas Urgent Vessel Delivery Service UK & Ireland +353 (0)86 3686679

Our emergency delivery service is tailored for moving vessels at short notice and out of harms way. There are any number of reasons that a vessel owner may need his vessel relocated with a degree of haste. Approaching bad weather, overcrowding or accidents in a harbour or an anchorage which may endanger the vessel, and so on.

In these types of circumstances we are willing to forgo the normal delivery process in order to move a vessel quickly.

If you are a current or past client of Blueseas in good standing and we are familiar with your vessel and circumstances, this will usually not be a problem. Any outstanding details of the vessel delivery can then be negotiated on site or at the nearest possible convenience.


If we are not already familiar with your boat, we will require a deposit amounting to 40% of the estimated total delivery cost + traveling expenses and that the following conditions are understood:

  • Your vessel is in seaworthy and serviceable condition.
  • Our skipper can gain access to your vessel.
  • Your vessel has insurance cover.
  • Your vessel is to be moved a short distance. ie. To the nearest safe haven or less than 75 nautical miles.
  • Moving your vessel is legal. ie.(Your vessel is not under an impound order. If the vessel is foreign registered, that it has already passed through a port of entry. etc. etc.)

If further action is required, we can then take care of any outstanding details after your vessel has reached a safe haven.

This service mainly covers all Ireland and the East coast of the UK. Basically anywhere that we can reach within a few hours. If you are in doubt, contact us. If we cannot help you, we may be able to put you in touch with some one who can.