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Yacht Delivery Process


After your initial enquiry we will contact you to discuss the details of your delivery request. If we are all happy to proceed then:

  • We will require some information about your boat to help us ascertain your boat's capabilities, its general safety envelope and that your vessel is in serviceable and seaworthy condition.
  • It is important that your vessel's insurance covers all aspects of the proposed voyage. We will require a copy of, or confirmation of your insurance details. We may also wish to see a copy of the vessels most recent survey including the surveyor's recommendations, if any.
  • We will forward you a 'Tick the Box' inventory checklist.

Provisional Planning and Costing

Based on the dates you wish us to leave/arrive and the information you provide we will formulate a provisional passage plan for the voyage.

This will include:

  • A proposed route and its distance.
  • The proposed stops (If any) for fuelling, rest, resupply etc.
  • The estimated length of time for the voyage.
  • The number of crew required and their required level of experience.
  • An estimate of the total cost of the voyage and associated expenses based upon the above.

Joining your boat

We will then consult with you again, and if everything is to your satisfaction we will begin making arrangements to join your boat. We file a full formal passage plan as per SOLAS Reg. 34 and will present a copy to you. We will normally ask you for a deposit at this stage, specifically if joining your vessel requires international travel and carriage of equipment on the part of our crew.


Upon arriving at your boat our Skipper will immediately set about familiarising himself with your vessel, and readying it for sea. He will implement the normal safety checks of the hull, hull fittings, bilge, engine, sails, rigging, electronics and equipment. He will stow the equipment, stock, water and fuel the boat for the voyage.

He will then give a clear and concise crew briefing before making a final weather check, and all being well, will depart at his earliest convenience.

Underway and Makingway

As soon as possible after leaving port our skipper will normally conduct a safety and MOB drill with the crew. This particularly important for long and for night time voyages.

On passage our skipper will:

  • Implement a watch system most suited to the nature of the voyage, the crew and the vessel.
  • Make the best time possible while paying due regard to the prevailing conditions, the safety of the vessel and its crew and cost efficiency.
  • Personally undertake all mooring and docking manoeuvres.
  • Maintain a regular and accurate log of the voyage.
  • Carry out the normal upkeep and maintaince required on a vessel at sea.
  • Operate a principle of minimum impact on your vessel.
  • Maintain a proper account (with reciepts) of any expences incurred during the voyage.
  • Keep you informed about his decisions and on his progress.

Arrival at Destination

Upon arrival at the destination we will implement a through clean down of your vessel and eradicate every sign of our presence. We will check and neatly re-stow all of the boats equipment and refuel and re-water the boat ready for your use. Our skipper will then make a written report detailing any issues or recommendations. Finally we will lock and secure your boat before leaving.


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